Episode 160 of The Independent Characters covers part 2 of our revisit to the question “What army should I play?”. We hope you are relaxed or have a lot of painting to do, because this episode clocks in at over four hours!

Back in Episodes 42 and 43 we ran two linked shows which explored each of the faction (on the surface) and sought to answer just that. At the time, the show notes were so long the hosts decided it would be better to break it up into two episodes. One which was an Imperial Edition, and the other which was a Xenos Edition.

Those are some great episodes, but that was all the way back in 5th edition and SO much has changed since then (and some things have stayed the same!) that we felt it was time to update this series.

We aim to provide you the definitive guide for looking at all your choices for Warhammer 40,000 armies and making the right one for you.

This is part two of these revised episodes, the Xenos and Chaos Edition.

On top of all of that great content, we have our Forbidden Lore Segment near the end of the show. This is an hour long discussion with Black Library Author John French about his latest book, Horusian Wars: Resurrection! I was lucky enough to be joined by Geoff Hummel, our original co-host for this great interview. WARNING: Spoilers abound in this episode though! If you are interested in reading this book - you may NOT want to listen to this interview until you have completed it.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro and Host Introduction
  • 0:07:35 - Workbench and Hobby Progress
  • 1:08:25 - Which Army should you choose? Xenos Edition (Part 1)
  • 2:10:10 - Which Army should you choose? Xenos Edition (Part 2)
  • 2:58:00 - Forbidden Lore: The Horusian Wars: Resurrection
  • 3:57:35 - Show Closing

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