Episode 94 - Commission Painting: The Full Service

Episode 94 of The Independent Characters takes a hard look at Commission Painting. Whether you are thinking of having a model or army painted by a commission painter or painting service, or whether you think you have the chops to become a commission painter yourself, we discuss the pitfalls you want to avoid as well as the benefits.

To help us round out our conversation, we also have interviews with Branden from Smells Like Wargaming and Frankie from Frontline Gaming. These are two distinctively different approaches to Commission Painting services and we ask them about how they do business and what others should look for.

As usual, we have our Workbench and Games Played segments where we delve a bit into Tyranids as well. 

Next episode we promise to present you with a brand spanking new commercial for Secret Weapon Miniatures as well as Smells Like Wargaming. So finally people can stop teasing Carl about not having recently attended a class by Mr. Justin!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro
  • 0:07:45 – Workbench and Games Played
  • 0:44:00 – Commission Painting and You
  • 1:23:30 – Interview with Smells Like Wargaming Commission Painting
  • 1:45:15 – Interview with Frontline Gaming Painting
  • 2:04:30 – Final Thoughts and Show Closing

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Episode 93 - 2013: The Year In Review

Episode 93 of The Independent Characters has us returning to our annual “Year in Review” episode. And if you thought 2012 was full of Warhammer 40k goodness, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

2013 may go down on record as being the most active, and controversial year for Warhammer 40k ever! Between the multitude of Codex releases, the Forge World Imperial Armour AND Horus Heresy releases, the Black Library books and digital content, there seemed to be no end to the constant outpouring of 40k content!

Some was filled with controversy and others celebrated for their achievement, but no one can argue that we weren’t ALL kept very busy!

In our first episode of 2014, we discuss 2013 as it relates to Warhammer 40k. We have a tremendously large Hobby Progress and Games Played section as well. I want to thank Adan and Justin for joining me on this episode and we welcome your feedback!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 - Show Intro
  • 0:05:30 – Workbench and Games Played
  • 1:11:05 – 2013: January to June in review
  • 2:12:10 – 2013: July to December in review
  • 3:09:50 – Final Thoughts and Show Closing

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